August 26-28th 2016

Kovalam Village, Chennai, India

As a lifestyle festival with a holistic approach, the event also features a Yoga Festival dedicated to a diverse variety of yoga and meditation workshops, introducing festival goers to different branches of yoga, meditation techniques, massage sessions, healing music therapies and more.

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This ticket will give you full access to all Yoga Classes and Musical Performances during all 3 days of the festival
1 - Introduction To Yoga
A class to guide beginners into the world of Asana / Pranayama and the meaning of Yoga.
Friday / 26 August / Time: 17:00
1 - Sunset Meditation And Chanting
An hour long chanting, meditation and guided visualization session designed to release stagnant energy.
Friday / 26 August / Time: 18:00
2 - Ashtanga Yoga (Joshna Ramakrishnan)
A traditional ashtanga vinyasa led class combining the use of breath, body, drishti and movement.
Saturday / 27 August / Time: 07:00
2 - Vinaya (India)
Vinaya is Carnatic Classical and devotional singer who started her musical journey at the age of 9.
Saturday / 27 August / Time: 08:15
2 - Acroyoga (Shakti Shilpa)
Acroyoga combines the wisdom of Yoga, the dynamics of acrobatics, and the loving kindness of Thai Massage.
Saturday / 27 August / Time: 09:30
2 - Conquering Your Aversion To Inversions (Keerthana Kumaraswamy)
An ashtanga sequence with different variations in each posture.
Saturday / 27 August / Time: 11:00
2 - The Yoga Of Writing (Samhita Arni)
Intimate session with writer Samhita Arni on how she used yoga and meditation to heal post traumatic stress disorder.
Saturday / 27 August / Time: 12:00
2 - Imran Khan (India)
Imran Khan is a ninth generation sitar player from a lineage of court musicians that have preserved Indian Classical music as a family tradition.
Saturday / 27 August / Time: 13:00
2 - Blindfold Yoga (Divya Rolla)
Based on the principle of Pratyahara (withdrawal of one’s senses), the participants will tie a soft cloth over their eyes.
Saturday / 27 August / Time: 14:00
2 - Music Called Life (Sudip Khepa)
An exploration of the energy body through music - exploring the 7 chakras by singing the 7 musical notes.
Saturday / 27 August / Time: 15:00
2 - Flow Into Bliss (Mansi Gandhi)
A flow class using the breath to flow from one asana into another with fluidity and grace.
Saturday / 27 August / Time: 17:00
2 - Pranayama (Rinat Reina)
Breathing techniques to clear physical and emotional obstacles in our body, freeing the breath and encouraging the flow of prana - life energy.
Saturday / 27 August /Time: 18:00
3 - Ashtanga - Intermediate (Rinat Reina)
A classical ashtanga led class with adjustments.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 07:00
3- Yin Yoga (Divya Srinivasan)
A restorative and rejuvenating sequence designed to reach into the depths of your muscles and mind to release stress and boost circulation.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 08:30
3 - Back Bends For A Healthy Spine (Joshna Ramakrishnan)
Get an empowering perspective of your practice through back bends, an integral part of a sound yoga practice.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 09:30
3 - Natalia (Russia/USA)
Natalia Karaseva is a Russian-born American singer-songwriter and graduate of the Berklee College of Music.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 10:30
3 - The Magic Of Sound And Movement (Divya Rolla, Joshna Ramakrishnan, Yotam Agam)
Using samples and sounds from the award winning EarthMoments Audio Library, Yotam Agam constructs a live collage of music to accompany a Hatha Flow class.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 11:30
3 - Hatha Yoga & Kriya Practice (Mohamed Fakruddin)
This session includes the combined practice of Asanas, Pranayama and Kriya for the physical and inner purification of one's body.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 12:30
3 - Partner Yoga & Thai Yoga Massage (Divya Rolla, Joshna Ramakrishnan)
Deep partner stretches which leave you feeling stretched from head to toe and relaxed.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 13:30
3 - Sound Bath and Relaxing Heart Opening Vinyasa (Holly Younglove)
A form of sound therapy where various music instruments are played to bring about healing - a restorative practice for the mind, body and soul.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 14:30
3 - Yoga For Kids (Monica G. Sandifer)
This class provides age appropriate poses for 5-9 / 9-14 years old that promote body awareness, flexibility and strength.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 16:00
3 - Filter Coffee (India)
An ethnotronic collaborative who organically combine virtuosic improvisation with electronic soundscapes and grooves.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 17:00
3 - Chakra Meditation (Divya Srinivasan)
Learn to connect to your Chakra system, how to restore your Chakras to alignment, and how to integrate this knowledge into your personal yoga practice.
Sunday / 28 August / Time: 18:00

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